Type of building: private home
Intervention: Plugging with straw bales and other surface cladding
Place: Terragnolo (Tn)
Period: August 2018
Intervention Design: NbB

– preparation of plugging with wooden elements: Manuel, carpenter
– plugging of walls with straw bales: NbB
– other surface cladding for external plaster: NbB and DIY customer

General data:
Super-elevation of a two-floor stone home, using a concrete column structure with wooden roofing.
Blueprint plan of 64 m2.
External wall surface (in straw bales) of the super-elevation: 62 m2.

The (wise) choice of the customer to build a vertical structure of the super-elevation with simple concrete columns allowed liberty in designing while using straw.
Thus, NbB was able to design the construction in wood (bead, columns corresponding to the openings, auxiliary structure to the straw plug) so that the laying of the bales was made easier. Consequently, the laying was finished by 4 people in only 2 days.

Thanks to:
Negus and his merriment.
Karen and her cooking.
Manuel and his cordiality.
Everyone for their friendliness.

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