Type of building: private residence
Intervention: Plugging with straw bales and other surface cladding only for external plaster
Place: Pomarolo (TN), Italy
Period: August 2018
Intervention design: NbB
– plugging walls with straw bales: NbB
– other surface cladding for external plaster: NbB and DIY customer
General Data:
Two-floor house with two extensions at floor respectively garage and shed. Total closed area: 178 m2
Structure entirely of solid wood, made in part with a system of beams and columns, in part with walls in “Twood” (panels composed of layers of crisscrossed boards) 18 cm thick.

The duplicity of this type of structure split the work in two phases: the first, plugging straw bales between each column, and the second, cladding the other surfaces with quarterdeck of bulk straw, reeds and wood fiber.
NbB personnel took care of the plugging of straw bales, while the customer handled the rest (especially the filling with bulk straw and formwork with boarding) under the supervision of NbB.
Following the design of the entire intervention, accomplished beforehand by the company.

Word of thanks:
To Valentina, Fabio, Clara, Milla, Luna and Stella, for their company at and off the building site, marked by a genuine spirit of friendliness.

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