NATURALbornBUILDERS is on online! A newly-born firm (founded in 2018) made up of people with a ten-year experience, not in the conventional construction field but more precisely in the designing and construction of buildings with wooden frameworks, straw plugging, raw earth plaster and slaked lime. And not only in Italy.

After years behind the scenes, catering to other competitors, today with our website we can finally introduce ourselves as being in the front lines in a hopefully increasingly growing sector, together with our experience. Here we are, designers and craftsmen offering our specialized expertise, united by passion for straw and for all that it represents in building.

A passion for beauty, broadly speaking. Beauty which is “the promise of happiness”, to say it as
Stendhal would have.


We have chosen the following photo to represent this event to remind us that a building is not made of walls and closures but rather of windows and openings to let in light and fresh air to welcome harmony amongst people. However, it also reminds us how right and proper it is that a building should be embellished by Nature. And how is not so difficult: just begin by trying and in the end it will become a habit. A habit of life in harmony with oneself, with Nature which belongs to everyone.


And for music lovers, we have chosen this piece which has sunrise in its title and magic in its tune to accompany our announcement.



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