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Dreaming about owning an environment-friendly house, with low utility costs and that is beautiful as well?
We can built it with the promise that not only will you own a home which respects the environment but
also comfortable and safe. The designing and building of your house can take you on an intense
emotional journey with a deeply satisfying destination.

Start imagining your straw house now!

Why choose us?

•   Natural materials with minimum environmental impact

•   Rapid planning

•   Efficient building systems with high energy performance

•   Ability to listen to the customer and elaboration of data abilities

•   Multidisciplinary team

the team



Contact person for projects in Italy and the world


Contact person for projects in the United Kingdom


Contact person for projects in Portugal

What they say about us


In Italy

“(...) I’m the one who thanks you because in all this chaos you are the only real professionals who have carried out the work in time and well. If I need you again I know where to find you.”


Owner of Straw Build (straw construction business in the UK)

“Giacomo is a highly reliable builder, and expert and dedicated to his work, more than capable of being a fundamental and supporting part of his team, working well and inspiring the others. Trustworthy, witty and with a sense of humor. He acts rationally and calmly to obtain the best results, open to discussion without the need to take the merit. I was able to discover Giacomo’s gift for teaching: a quiet observer, not high-handed, attentive, helpful and kind.”


“Giacomo has been collaborating for years with this School as teacher in DIY construction using straw bales and we are very satisfied regarding his technical preparation and professional expertise. He is able to stimulate inventiveness in problem-solving and attentive in creating an environment which allows each participant to take part in expressing ideas, opinions and queries. The way he presents himself as he speaks reveals his passion in accepting challenges when accompanying the participants to focus on possible solutions, not to mention his tenacity, determination and professionality in coping with formal and bureaucratic aspects.”


Owner of Straw Works (straw construction business in the UK), President of SnaB (School of Construction using natural materials in the UK)

“Giacomo is a meticulous and reflective worker and a teacher who understands his leaner’s needs. He has a high level of capability as project manager, carpenter and problem-solver and as a straw builder as well. As a teacher he is calm and scrupulous. He works well with others and in teams. His morals are high. Reliable and good company.


Owner of the first straw home in Italy, first president of the Italian Academy of Permaculture

“Since our first encounter in 2007 I continue to place my trust in Giacomo giving him tasks involving responsibility. He is a fair and meticulous person, with a great aptitude in problem-solving. Everyone who follows his courses appreciate his teaching methods, in class and at the building site.”


In Italy

“During the three-day course Giacomo was very skillful in managing and involving the 15 participants. The work environment was always favorable, relaxing and the morale was high. In the following work camp Giacomo succeeded in solving a set of important problems regarding the realization of walls which were rather particular and difficult due to planning errors. Furthermore, he is always helpful for long-distance consultations and technical support, not to mention the moral support which a DIY builder sometimes needs.” L.S.

A DIY Builder

In Italy

“Giacomo’s reputation preceded him and was confirmed during the weekend course organized at our building site, emerging from his expertise, but above all from the passion he has in what he does; likeable and easy-going, a gourmet (I still haven’t figured out where he puts the food!) but more importantly, an excellent teacher whose calmness instills confidence as well as knowledge. It’s been a pleasure to meet and become acquainted with him.” M.C.


In ItalY

“It’s been wonderful to have you here. Thank you for your attention, patience and above all, the respect you have shown me. Thanks for the chats, the laughs.... I’ll miss you.” V.G.

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